Input fields

This field called “Name” that we’ve created is of type “Text input” because we want customers to actually type the name of the child. Text inputs have an option for max characters. That’s in case we want to limit the length of the name typed here to make sure it fits our design well. Let’s have a look at how a text input is used in the book “All the Hats I can Wear” by changing the character’s name from “Michelle” to “Sarah”.

Now let’s create a new field called “Dedication”. As the name implies, we’re going to use it if customers want to type in a dedication for their book. This is also of type text input, the only difference being that we want people to be able to type a longer paragraph over multiple lines. So we pick the option “Multiline text input” and set both the maximum number of characters and lines. Let’s see how the book “All the Hats I can Wear” deals with the dedication.

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