Create a pose

With all the layers saved, we can create our first pose. Select the “Poses” tab and press the plus button. We’re naming this pose “pirate”. We can change the rendering order and toggle the visibility of each feature depending on what we need for the pose.

Let’s click on the head shape - we’re prompted to upload one variation for each skin colour - just like we’ve defined this feature earlier on. If we changed this from 1 to 2, we’d be asked to upload 2 variations for each skin colour. Let’s switch back to 1 and start uploading the layers by either clicking the button or dragging and dropping the files. We’ve only got 4 layers to upload here so it should be pretty quick.

Let’s press the “Fit to screen” icon and bring the currently uploaded features into view. We can see one skin tone, one nose and one mouth has been randomly selected.

Moving on to the “Eyes”, we could do the same here, manually selecting every one of the 4 variations for each colour. But this would take slightly longer. So it’s best to take advantage of the “Upload multiple files” functionality. But first, we need to set one more thing for this feature - how we’ve named each colour. This is the name for the colours that we’ve used in our layers ( that was also kept for the file names when we used the quick export script). We’ve got black, brown, blue, and green. Now we can click on “Upload multiple files” and select all the 16 files from the “Eyes” folder. Each layer will be matched automatically and be uploaded to the right variation and colour.

Next, let’s do the nose and the mouth. For features that only have variations and no colour, we can use the “upload multiple files” functionality straight away. The only condition is that our layers (and file names) are numbered, starting with 1.

We can already see the pose appearing on the left hand side - this is only made from the layers uploaded so far. Let’s press the shuffle button a few times. This will randomly select one available layer from each visible feature.

Looking good so far. On to “Hair”. Lots of layers here so let’s name the colours and upload all files at once. Just like we did for the eyes. Shouldn’t take too long this way.

Hmm, it looks like none of the black hair was matched. We must’ve named this colour wrong. Let’s have a look at the source file - the black hair is called “black” and we named it “dark” in the studio. Let’s update the name and select all the black hair variations again.

Let’s hit that shuffle button a few more times! Loving all the hair styles!

Ok, uploading the “Glasses” now. We’re seeing here the first variation is kept blank as per our settings for this feature. Finally, adding the “Freckles” and the “Hat’.

We’re now done with all the head features so let’s upload the two we’ve got left for the body.

There’s a couple more things we need to do, now that we’ve got a complete pose. First, let’s move the body layers behind the head features - this is how they’ve been illustrated. Next we see the head and body are not aligned yet. That’s because when first uploaded we don’t know yet how they should be positioned. So let’s click on the “move” icon and adjust the position. We can change the zoom level by pressing the zoom icons or by holding down the “alt” key whilst scrolling. Nice - let’s shuffle a few more times. Looking good, our pose is ready!

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