Set default pose

Each avatar must have a default pose. This is the pose customers see in the avatar customizer. So let’s set our pirate as default by pressing the avatar icon in the toolbar. We’re now prompted to adjust the zoom level and position. Next, we’re asked to set the zoom that will be used for features like the eyes or the nose, with the option “zoom on feature in customizer” set to “yes”.

Press the “Save” button when done. We can see the default pose being used in the avatar list on the left hand side. You can edit or change the default pose at any time.

Let’s have a look at how the creator of the journal “My first year” has set the avatars. We can see the default pose in the circle above the avatar name. When we open the avatar customizer, we can see features like the skin colour and hair style using the standard zoom. The “Eyes” or “Nose” have been set to “zoom in on the feature”. When selecting any of the body features, everything will be zoomed out completely so that the entire avatar is displayed.

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