Dropdown fields

Let’s create a field called “Gender” with the options “girl” and “boy”. For this field, we’ll set the dropdown behaviour to “Random default value”. This means that when a book is previewed - either on the product page or when it is being customized, a random option from the ones defined will be initially selected unless it has been already defined.

Let’s have a look at the “Well Rounded” book. It’s also got a dropdown field called “Gender” with boy and girl as its options. On the product page, we can see the cover being generated with both girls and boys randomly. That’s because the behaviour of the dropdown is set to “random default value”. But if we go ahead and start personalising the book and set the “gender” to “boy” we can see that the value has now been defined and when the book is generated for the customer, the “boy” avatar will show in the book and will be available to customize further.

The other dropdown options work in a similar fashion, the only difference being that you can have either single line or multiline options with an additional text input. This works well when you want to give customers something to choose from, but want to enable them to type something else instead if they want to. The book “A cake for you” is taking advantage of these types of dropdowns. Customers can choose from a list of “fun destinations”, but they can also name another location that’s more personal to them.

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