The Sandbox demo book

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You'll be taken to the “Books” section where our demo book - The Sandbox - should appear within a few seconds. Go ahead and play around with it and start to get familiar with the two worlds studio.

Here you can learn how we’ve set up the avatars. Have a look at the features and use the random button to shuffle between all the uploaded layers for a pose.

See all the layers changing in “Pages and covers” based on the values you set for the personalisation fields. Just press the little switches icon in your toolbar to open the personalisation values panel.

Find out how powerful the dynamic text sections can be for your story. Click on the first spread then select the text layer. There’s an expandable panel there under "Dynamic text sections". It allows us to define how this particular part of the text behaves based on the values of a field. You can have as many dynamic sections as you want on a layer. You can use the preview button in the toolbar or press command or control key plus P to enter into preview mode. This is where you can see the text and layers changing based on the values you’ve set.

For now, just brushing over, but the two worlds studio lets you define all the personalisation fields you need for your book. Same for the custom fonts, upload as many as you’d like.

Finally, preview and update the product page - this is what customers see before customising and buying their personalised book.

We hope this gives you a flavour of how the two worlds studio works. We’re of course going to cover in a lot more detail every bit of functionality, this is just somewhere to get started from.

Oh and one last thing, if you’d like to download some of the source files for this book (we’ve used Photoshop), the links are below the video.

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