Your first avatar

To get started with your first avatar, head over to the “Avatars” section and press the plus button on the left hand side. This will create a new avatar. You’ll see two panels - one for the settings - like the avatar name and features and another one for “Poses”. You can toggle between the two at any time. Your avatars could be anything: humans, pets, monsters, aliens, etc. You just need to define their customizable features and create the poses you need.

Start by typing the avatar’s internal name - this is only referenced within the two worlds studio. Then type the customer facing name. If you’d like to link an avatar to a personalisation field, you have the option to do so. Linking it, will show under the avatar the value of that field. For example, in the book “All the hats” we can see that Sarah is displayed under the avatar. That’s because we’ve named the child “Sarah” and the girl avatar is linked with the “Kid’s name”. If we change the gender to “boy” and the name to “Oliver”, the “Kid’s name” is also there. It works because more avatars can be linked to the same personalisation field.

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