Dependent on

All dropdown fields have a setting called “dependent on”. If activated, you can define sets of options for each option of the parent field. Let’s create a field called “Favourite season” and add the options “spring”, “summer”, “fall” and “winter”. Next, let’s make a field called “Favourite activity” and make it dependent on the field “Favourite season”. We can now add activities for each season. Could add “swimming” and “going to the beach” and “eating ice cream” for summer, “snowboarding”, “making a snowman”, “decorating the Christmas tree”. When customers start personalising their book and choose a favourite season, they’ll only be presented with the activities linked to the season they’ve selected.

Let’s see how dependent on fields are used in “A cake for you” - a book for children living in a different country than that of their family. On the “Desserts” page, customers can set the child’s favourite dessert from the country the family is from. Because this has been set to “France” we now have a list of french desserts to choose from. But if we update the “Family from” country to “Germany”, the list of desserts changes as well.

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