Your first personalised book

When you’re ready to create your own personalised book, go to “My books” and press on the big plus button. This will open the “New book” interface.

Start by typing your book’s name. Could be a placeholder for now - you can always change this later. Then select the DPI option - we recommend going for 300, unless you have a very specific reason why you’d want to go higher.

Select the main language of your book. You can add more translations later on and can even have more variations of the same language - for example English UK vs English US.

Pick the book format you want. The binding options will change depending on the format selected. If you’re not sure about what to select here, there are some links in the top right corner box that might help. Continue by selecting the paper weight and finish.

Again, depending on the size and binding selected, you could be presented with different options for the cover type. If both “softback” and “hardback” are available, we recommend choosing both and let your customers decide the format they’d like to go for.

Finally, set the desired cover lamination and softback cover weight if applicable and you're all set.

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